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Advantages of DTF printing

Date: 2023-10-10 03:22:29 500 views

With the progress of the times, DTF printers have become a new product. If the printer wants to function better, daily maintenance and upkeep are essential. DTF printers are the preferred printing product for many home users, and routine maintenance is very important.

Here is the content list:

A. No need to clean the print head frequently

The DTF printer uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing and does not directly contact the material surface. The ink is controlled by the voltage inside the nozzle, and the UV ink in the nozzle is sprayed onto the surface of the material. The UV ink is solidified by the ultraviolet rays emitted by the installed LED lamp, achieving an instant curing effect and drying.

Some models of powder shaking machines will provide the option to clean the nozzle in the driver software, which can realize scheduled cleaning, manual cleaning or pre-press cleaning. Although cleaning the nozzle can improve the printing effect, cleaning the nozzle will consume a lot of ink. We can completely set the nozzle cleaning option to manual cleaning, and then perform manual cleaning when we find that the printing quality has deteriorated, which can save valuable ink.

B. DTF printers have many advantages compared with other ordinary printers.

1. The first is continuous tone: each ink dot printed can be a different color. As a result, dye-sublimation graphics feature high resolution and stunning color fidelity, even under a microscope.

2. No drying time: Sublimation printing on fabric means you can fold or wear the garment as soon as it leaves the sublimation printer without worrying about smudging ink.

3. Few moving parts: DTF printer is a simple machine, and the thermal print head does not need to move back and forth on the printing media. This means that the fabric printer is less likely to malfunction.

4. No mess: No liquid ink means no spills and cleanup.

5. Fadefast: Sublimation dyes impregnate and become part of the plastic. It won't fade or degrade plastic, and it won't fade when exposed to water.

6. Seam-to-seam printing: Ideal for the most complex shapes, allowing you to print on the entire fabric of a garment.

7. Uses no water and minimal energy: Compared to other commercial printing methods, dye sublimation requires no water and very little energy.

8. Low-volume friendly: DTF printers are ideal for one-off or low-volume orders, making it easy and quick to customize special occasion apparel or gifts.